LW VOIP vs SkypeOut

Using Skype or BT ? Don't believe the hype! Look at the cost savings with LW VOIP.

Below is a comparison of SkypeOut charges, BT Landline Charges, and London Web VOIP Charges. Skype charge a connection fee for all SkypeOut calls, which is free for London Web VOIP.

International calls are also drastically cheaper when using London Web VOIP, as are our UK Mobile rates


Destination SkypeOut Cost* BT Landline Cost* London Web VOIP Cost*
All Outbound Calls connection fee up to 5.9p up to 7.9p 1p
France 1.2p per min 18.5p per min 1p per min
USA 1.2p per min 14.99p per min 1p per min
UK Mobile Phones
(3, BT, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone)
14.4p per min 12.50p per min 10p per min

 *Prices exclude VAT

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