VOIP Pricing

VOIP Charges Setup Monthly Charge
Silver Service Bundle including:

  • UK Geographical Number for Inbound Calls (Outbound Caller ID)
  • Voicemail to Email
  • UK non geo local call Fax2Email
  • Free VOIP to VOIP
  • Silver rate call charges from 1p per minute (USA /Canada+mobile + UK landline) + UK mob @ 10p per minute
£10.00         £4.00
Optional Extras Setup Monthly Charge
Additional Numbers:  More info

UK numbers
USA numbers
Canada Numbers
Other Countries




Hardware Cost Per Unit
Netgear Ethernet over power (min 2 required) £30
Grandstream Handytone ATA-386  £35.99
Grandstream  GXP-2000  £89.00
Vigor 2700 £125.00

Prices subject to change. All prices exclude VAT, delivery & customs charges. Min call charge 1p (excluding Free & LW voip2voip calls)

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